Digital Analytics and Robotics for Sustainable Forestry


Bringing Innovation to Forestry: Digiforest is a 3.5 year Horizon Europe project developing innovative robotics and analytics technology to enable sustainable forestry.

It brings together partners working on aerial robots, walking robots, autonomous (lightweight) harvesters as well as forestry decision makers and commercial companies to create a full data pipeline to digitize the state of forests (at scale) and to collect maps and inventories which can be used by foresters in more precise, sustainable and modern ways.

Our project runs from September 2022 to February 2026, please check back in to see our progress, deliverables and publicity material. We acknowledge the EU’s Horizon Europe scheme for funding. Grant agreement 101070405.

Project Coordinator Stefan Leutenegger summarizes the project in this video:

Another summary can be seen in German on this page